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The Best Images Published in 2015

Our readers regularly tell us about the quality of the photography. So, for the first time, this year we’ve decided to pick out what we believe are the best of the best. But only those images shot by people directly on our team.



Here is our very own, personal testament to the art of photography. We hope you enjoy the images as much as we enjoyed shooting them.


The Mood Therapist

Vu Bao Khanh


Have you ever seen a bartender suited up like a scientist? Richard McDonough, the self-styled mood therapist, will never cease to amaze you with his cocktails, all made from lab equipment.



Francis Xavier


Honey was born in Vietnam but spent half her life living in Europe; she only recently moved back. The contrast between her aethestic and the decay of the old building was so perfect the moment she stood there, that I had to take this shot. It’s my best one yet.


Banh It

Nick Ross


The Cham temples in Binh Dinh, Central Vietnam. Early morning; perfectly blue sky; shooting into the sun. Sometimes the shots work, sometimes they don't. This one came out perfect.


Hands Free

Kyle Phanroy


Battle of the Year Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City. Proper technique, skill and patience can lead to nothing without a whole lot of luck. This one was on the money.


Nebula Vietnam

Trung Del


A great event in Hanoi for skateboarders to have a chance to hang out and show off their skills. But there was more than that. This event was part of Nebula’s work in teaching life skills. The shots I got, reflected this.


Falconry at West Lake

Natalia Martinez


There are a number of falconry enthusiasts around Hanoi’s West Lake area. The warm sparkles that occur when the sun goes down are simply perfect for capturing a few beautiful shots; these photogenic birds will do the rest.


The Flower Seller

Julie Vola


Ly was sweet and oh so shy. She could not believe I found her beautiful. At first she posed awkwardly, waiting for me to take a photo, but I did not stop and so she let go. She has such a large genuine smile, that the shots could not be anything but perfect. 


On To The Next Bride

Jesse Meadows


Mai, a Viet Kieu bride, throws her bouquet at the end of her Western wedding ceremony on the Red River in Hanoi. She had two weddings that day — the first, traditional, the second, modern. I was exhausted after photographing them both, but this shot was one of those happy accidents that always ends up being my favourite.

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