The Construction Worker

Even building site workers have to take coffee breaks. Jon Aspin catches up with lifelong construction worker, Hung, as he heads out for a coffee and a smoke. Photo by Francis Xavier. Translation by Vu Ha Kim Vy


Tapas Saigon

Checking the TripAdvisor listing for Tapas Saigon, we ran into an eyebrow-raise. The 10 reviews produced a decent overall of 4.0, but near the top was a one-star review, which pointed out how most of the other reviewers were first-timers. Scrolling down the list, we saw this was true — until we came to two laudatory reviews at the end, both written in Spanish.



12/20 Nguyen Canh Di, Tan Binh, Tel: (08) 3984 4754

If you like cycling through the Mekong Delta, trekking in the highlands, or lazing in a junk on Ha Long Bay — all while making a difference in people’s lives — then this company will suit you well.


Facebook Without The Fakebook

Lief is a super-cool idea facing an up-hill battle: keep the things we like about social media while cutting down the 800-friend annoyances. Built into this refined concept is the idea that social media needs to make progress to continue being a positive part of our lives. And that means making the kind of adjustments that will help it be more like our actual lives.


Chanh Bistro

With the never-ending construction on Nguyen Hue, Bitexco-area lunchers are being forced to find options away from business lunch hotspot Dong Khoi. And with this new state of affairs, the lunch game south of Nguyen Hue is improving.


Relish & Sons

Stakes are high in the burger game these days, with newcomers like Quan Ut Ut and Chuck’s carving out the best-burger territory already hotly disputed by the likes of Scott and Binh’s, Bernie’s and Mogambo. And with the stage set, the mouths behind Racha Room figured Saigon might be ready for their rendition.


Maple Healthcare

Maple Healthcare is a new specialist clinic in Phu My Hung, with chiropractic, skin care and dental services right across the road from FV Hospital. 


Bahdja Moves

Well-known and equally well-loved Algerian restaurant Bahdja has upped roots and moved from District 1 to District 3. 

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