How to Land a Lad / Bag a Babe


On the streets of Saigon’s backpacker area, Ed Weinberg and Francis Xavier ask about seduction techniques and learn some of the best tricks that people drinking beers at 4pm can muster


Theresa, 51, Wales

“Oh, I’m good at maths.”


 John, 25, Manchester, UK

“I think I just chat s*** to them for a while, and if they’re cool I eventually... yea I don’t know. I’m not sure. Are you recording this b*******?”


Lutz, 23, Germany

“I’m honest about what I feel, what I think, what I’m passionate about. No tricking around.”


 Lassi, 35, Finland

“It’s such a long time ago that I don’t actually remember. You should ask my wife.”


Zam, 45, Kerala, India

“I pay for them. I make them feel like they’re comfortable with me. I find a simple smile makes them feel better.”


Cory, 27, Queensland, Australia

“I keep touching girls inappropriately until I find a girl who has Daddy issues.”


Francis, 24, Ho Chi Minh City

“I show them my tattoos.”


Thanh, 28, Gia Lai Province

“I like office man.”


Isaac, 30, Uganda

“Wow, it’s complicated. It’s too complicated but... I don’t how to explain. Sometimes it just happens, it’s normal. Maybe you just entered somewhere, entered the bar, and you feel like eye contact. And you feel like — oh, she’s hot. And you go over there and talk to her.”



Michael, 27, Ghana

“Smile. When I look at you and I smile, and you smile back at me then it’s ok.”


Stef, 26, Australia

“I think that after you work out that they’re cute, and that they actually have a good conversation, then you kind of just pay a lot of interest to them, and most guys like girls being nice to them. But I’m not the flirty girl, so if I like them I just tell them and see what happens.”



Thao, 21, Quang Tri Province

“If the right one comes next to me, I smile at him and I talk with him.”


Thang, 20, Ho Chi Minh City

“I don’t know, because I can’t think about that. I’ve never liked a girl.”


Claudia, 32, Lisbon, Portugal

“Well actually, love is kind of a fate thing. You can force no one to like you. And if you eventually turn yourself into someone you’re not, sooner or later that will fall off and everything will be exposed.”


Katalina, 21, Toronto, Canada

“If I really like him then I run away.”


Natalia, 19, Oxfordshire, UK

“Just the classic flutter-the-eyelids, push-up-the-boobs kind of trick.”


Vi, 29, Ho Chi Minh City

“There are always guys hitting on me, so I never have to do anything.”


Moto Taxi, “Too old”, Ho Chi Minh City

“Buy some?”


Duy, 34, Mekong Delta

“The one I like? I like everything.”


Lucy, 27, Nottingham, UK

“Talk about sex as soon as possible. Share sex stories, drug-related sex stories as well. They’re always ones that are good to go down.”


Alex, 21, Virginia, US

“You show them the best part of you, the part that is most likely to attract them. If you think about your self traits, like if you’re really funny, or if you’re really patient and understanding, show that to them. If you’re really funny and you’re just going up to talk to them, then tell them a joke or something.”



Fiona, 35, New York City, US

“Well there’s always the physical aspect of it, of course. But my eyes, my eyes do the talking. I read eyes. I look into the person’s eyes, and if they say something back to me...”


Marc, 29, Melbourne, Australia

“Aw dude, I’m so bad at picking up chicks. I normally will just sit there until they come over to me, and then I’m like, ‘Ok, I can do this now.’”


Lan, 29, Hanoi

“I have married already. But before I meet my husband we laughing and waiting, and become tied together.”


Mia, 21, Montréal, Canada

“Laugh at everything, touch their hands. Want some chips?”


Alex, 20, Montréal, Canada

“I buy them a beer. I say, ‘Want to drink something?’”


Moctar, 22, Tokyo, Japan

“I will go up to her and just talk — what should I say? Ok, ‘Hi.’ Oh yea. I always get stuck in the friend zone.”


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