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We asked three galleries to choose one picture that they felt represented the state of art in Vietnam in 2015. Here’s what they chose



Craig Thomas Gallery

Fading 2 by Ngo Van Sac

Collage and mixed media on canvas, 155 x 155cm, 2015


"Ngo Van Sac’s generation of contemporary artists born in the post-war period have become the most important players in the country’s visual arts scene. They have been exposed to the wider art world in a way that was denied previous generations, and their work is in a sense less provincial and more truly ‘contemporary’. Artists like Sac — whose previous work was in wood burn — exhibit a greater willingness to experiment with various mediums and materials. Sac’s work addresses contemporary social issues like the tension between nature and spreading urbanization of the country.”



Art Vietnam Gallery

Artist’s House 65 Nguyen Thai Hoc by Nguyen The Son

Version 2, Photo relief, 79cm x 76cm, 2015


"This house was designated as a house for artists by the government in the 1930s and became an artists’ colony in which a dozen artists worked, lived and ran a gallery, such as Mai Van Hien, a beloved artist who designed the Vietnamese Dong and worked closely with Ho Chi Minh to exhibit the works of Vietnamese artists abroad.


This work honours history but is executed in a 3D photo relief; high-tech meets history and moves on into the future. It represents the Vietnam of the present, [racing forward at breakneck speed]. And yet the history and transition of time during this transformation remains visibly transparent.”



Galerie Quynh

Papa by Truc-Anh

Oil and pastel on canvas, 220cm x 150cm, 2013 to 2014

"Drawing upon a range of references from art history to contemporary culture, Truc-Anh creates art that transcends borders. Her practice does not mirror any stereotype or cliché of Vietnamese art. As Vietnamese as they are — local or belonging to the diaspora — the artists today in Vietnam are developing their own individual practice that is rooted in their life, their experiences and their vantage point of the world in which they live. This is far more [important] than the nationality reflected on their passport. Just like their international peers, Vietnamese contemporary artists are creating dialogues, fractures and surprises to engage viewers to reshape their vision of reality.”



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