Bodies in Motion


Kyle Phanroy heads to the gym to track four athletes as they box, lift and kick their way to glory


When you think of this country’s gyms, many things spring to mind: fat men pointlessly trying to reduce the flab, women carrying out market conversations on treadmills, people blow-drying their armpits in the changing rooms, and way too much mint oil in the sauna. What we often forget is the small segment of gym goers — and we’re not just talking about the trainers — who are true athletes.


Striking a subtle balance between body and mind, for these people gym work is not just about being body beautiful or having something to boast about to their friends. It’s about lifestyle; a choice to follow a certain path. Muscly, sweaty and intense, being in good shape has little to do with creating a fashion statement (or blow-drying your armpits). It’s about hard work, diet, drive and precision. Most of all, it’s about excelling, achieving goals and looking after yourself.



Le Hoang 

Age: 30 

Height: 1m68 

Weight: 90kg


Tran Trung Thinh 

Age: 17 

Height: 1m71 

Weight: 76kg 



Camilla Blom 

Age: 24 

Height: 1m65 

Weight: 52kg


Mai Van Khoa 

Age: 30 

Height: 1m78 

Weight: 77kg



Special thanks to Fox Fitness Club ( for allowing us to take these photos

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