Bringing Theatre to Vietnam

Anyone who has been to a live performance, be it theatre, dance or music, can vouch for the fact that it is a different experience to merely watching the same on a screen. There is something about being entertained directly by fellow human beings that has always enthralled audiences.


From Hai Ba Trung to Ms Huong

With International Women’s Day coming up on Mar. 8, former executive director of the International Women’s Development Agency Suzette Mitchell, talks about the role of women in Vietnam


Notes From Another City: Vung Tau

Expats in Vietnam don’t rank Vung Tau highly on their lists of ‘must-visit’ places. They’re inclined to view it as a slightly run-down beach resort that may appeal to local weekenders from Ho Chi Minh City, but with nothing of note to attract a foreigner. At the risk of sounding like a know-it-all, they’re mistaken about that. Vung Tau is a pretty cool place.



Today’s students use smart phones for everything. Now, an application lets them take photos of their maths homework and get online experts to coach them through the answers

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