The Accidental Boulevard

Nguyen Hue, one of the most successful military commanders in Vietnamese history, and an emperor of the Tan Son Dynasty, has a major street in almost every Vietnamese city named after him. Yet the one in Ho Chi Minh City is perhaps the best known.


Old Buildings

When I was a kid I never noticed old buildings. I believed that Vietnam should look modern, that newer is better. But when I took up photography, I began seeing things differently. I looked up, looked around, and suddenly the structure and details of these buildings began to intrigue me.


Sui Cao Chien

Chinese dumplings are far more than just dumplings. They’re lucky charms as well, perfect for the period before, during and after Tet. Words by Vi Pham. Photos by Owen Salisbury


Noah James Insurance Agency

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Banh Ong La Dua

While most streetfood snacks are struggling to beat off competition from imported fast food — think donuts and frozen yoghurt — the merry banh ong la dua is still beating out a fine trade. Words by Vi Pham. Photos by Owen Salisbury


Soul Burger

Having eaten several burgers in the service of Word readers, I feel somewhat qualified to declare a ‘short-list’ of sorts. It’s not necessary, because there’s no official competition going on, but when it comes to food wars, let's face it, the battle of the burger is never over.


Banh To Ong and the Untold

The Vietnamese version of the waffle has long been a street snack of choice. But as ‘fast food’ and ‘convenience stores’ take hold, so the demand for these tasty morsels is starting to wane. Words by Vi Pham. Photos by Francis Xavier

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