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Master Chuan was born for a purpose. That purpose is helping people via the powers at his disposal, be it energy work, self-help, hypnotherapy, psychic healing powers or even neuro-linguistic programming. Derek Milroy went under the Singaporean’s spell. Photos by Alexandre Garel


If someone is sick they can take medicine. But what if the problem is deeper? What alternative is there to your local doctor as you search for answers?
Enter Master Chuan, who believes he is that alternative. Equipped with an array of gifts, he can help heal a particular client’s woes, whether they’re emotional, mental, physical or even spiritual.

Sometimes, says Chuan, sickness is an inner problem. Often there are signals that the sickness is trying to tell us what is wrong. Yet people are naturally suspicious about modern-day prophets claiming they have the power to help. Fortunately the Singaporean doesn’t promise gold at the end of a rainbow — but through his quiet determination he has ‘touched’ over 10,000 peoples’ lives.

As a keen student he learnt the basics of energy and the power of self-help. Chuan studied Mahamudra, a Tibetan energy and meditation work. From there he picked up reiki and human electric energy. He has brought this knowledge to his life work.

“The most important thing about my job is to see that what you do matters and it changes someone’s life,” Chuan says. “I feel I have a responsibility to help people with my words and things that I do. Maybe even a word I say. Many years later clients come back and thank me for touching their lives. I am not saying I want the credit; I don’t feel good for myself but for them.”



The past decade has seen Chuan hone his skills — now he can achieve in 10 minutes what used to take him an hour. He is at the height of his breathwork healing powers, explaining how his breathing technique can help to attract his clients onto a different, more enlightening path.

“I have the confidence to do this,” he says. “If you interviewed me five years ago I would not have been as bold. I have studied so hard to reach this place. Breathing is a form of channeling the energy, a life force energy which gets stronger and stronger. The beautiful thing is that after I treat or heal someone I don’t feel tired. Before I did because I didn’t feel strong enough but now I have that power. If anything my energy levels are higher than before and I feel I have more energy.”

He asks if there is anything he can help me with. When I tell him about my chronic sinusitis, he smiles, this is somewhere he has gone before.

He explains that at some point in our lives we don’t want to take in whatever we can of the world outside. There is a level of resistance. That is why we don’t breathe smoothly — the respiratory system reacts to this. Emotionally it will trigger symptoms related to your nose. He uses his powers for 10 minutes on my nose area and explains that there is a lot of disturbance here, but for his treatment to be a success he may have to look deeper into my psyche. The problem may not be treatable with medicine alone.

“Until you take away the root, the problem will come back,” he explains. “If you have recurring problems you need to solve the emotional issue. Neuro-linguistic programming can help you overwhelm the bad experience, relax it, dissolve it or let go of it.

“It is all about finding the key to a door. It is a door that has been locked with all the problems inside. The moment you find the right key, you open the door and you release whatever is not supposed to be there.”

He gives an example. A friend went to see a psychiatrist for an anxiety attack and took medicine — she still suffered from anxiety. She just wanted to find out what was wrong and had nowhere to turn to.

She contacted Chuan. He talked her through some mental imagery and guided her on how to cleanse negative thoughts and negative energy. In just two weeks she was back to normal.

He explains his energy work on people can be successful for a short period, but the problem will come back. “The route it takes is through our thinking,” he adds.
His Vietnamese partner Hong Phuong Lan is an NLP expert and hypnotherapist. NLP creators claim there is a connection between the neurological processes (neuro), language (linguistic) and behavioural patterns learned through experience (programming). These can be changed to achieve specific goals in life.

Chuan and Lan claim that together they are able to change people’s thinking in a short period of time. Healing emotionally, mentally and physically are the three main things to work on.

Chuan gives a parable to illustrate how we can change our lives and let go.

There are two monks trying to cross the river. There is a lady who also wants to cross but the bridge is flooded. She asks the monks, ‘Can you carry me over?’ Monk A says ‘no problem’ and carries her over the water with Monk B following behind. He feels very uncomfortable — as a monk you are not supposed to touch a woman.

Later in the evening Monk B says, ‘I don’t understand — we are not supposed to touch women. How come you carried the woman across the river, you made a scene of yourself and broke the rules?’ Monk A says, ‘Who, the woman I carried this morning? Why are you still carrying her now?’


Getting in character


Master Chuan also tries to help people find their energy levels by using their birth date and the time they were born to determine and help control their destiny.


Here is my character analysis:

Name: Derek Milroy

Born: Scotland

Date of birth: 24 / 11 / 1972

Time of birth: 1.15pm


You are eloquent; you can speak well and can explain things well. You are a person who is good in terms of picking up new knowledge, a person who can see things very easily. You see things once or twice and learn them easily.

You always have ideas on how to make money. The only problem is that you are not focused enough. You need to find ways to focus. It is better for you to work with people who can push you now, to motivate you. If someone pushes you it helps you do it quicker and better. Emotion-wise you are quite strong; you are very passionate. In your mind you always feel you are the one who gives more emotionally. You are sentimental and you take care of your friends, buy drinks for them and take care of them. You love to have friends around you, guests in the house, parties. You enjoy this kind of company.

From your chart I can see you are in the luck cycle. You are very strong in terms of career, you are in command and you are in a position to make a very hard decision. You have this kind of authority like a surgeon has a life or death decision with a patient. Your life is going through that hard decision phase. It is better for you to improve yourself in a developing country rather than a developed country.

This phase from ages 36 to 46 is better for you to be in developing countries as you can extend your ability much more. You can break the rules when you want to. Not breaking as such but stretching the rules. You are the type of person who doesn’t want to follow convention but wants to do something different. For example you go to a house and the door is locked, you say, ‘Okay, let’s look for a window.’ Your mind is now geared to solving problems quickly, this is the point your career will go to the next level and get better and better.

You will reach a point in the future where you will gain a lot of respect and reputation but the problem you tend to have is your friends. Friends hold you back emotionally. By 46 onwards you will start to associate with friends who are close to you which may pull you back from doing what you really want to do. You will have a tough decision then, so be very careful.

I feel you should look at something in a tropical country or tropical place, and it has to with fire, weapons, plastics, chemicals, oil, petrol, coal — things that are combustible. Writing is fine for you but something to do with fire is best for you. Fire is the element that will balance you. If you can use colours like red, orange and purple, these are good colours for you. They can help you. Use them when you are sleeping, it increases your exposure to that colour. If you cannot wear it outside, wear it inside.

By coming to a tropical country your life has changed compared to living in Scotland because of the weather. Your body reacts to the temperature and when you come to a hot, tropical country, you will feel your body will have a reaction. You are not as gloomy and not as affected by emotions.

The more south you move from the country you were born is good; the more tropical you move is good for you. If you come to stay in Hanoi it is not good for you, Ho Chi Minh City is much better for you. Malaysia or Indonesia may be the next places for you to think about.


Conclusion: Chuan’s analysis is accurate. It is not going to rule my thoughts or decisions, but I don’t think it can hurt to find an alternative helping hand to a doctor and western medicine.


Workshops & Seminars

Jul. 24 — Applied U-Energy in Our Daily Life Seminar
Jul. 27 — U-Energy and Healing workshop.


Ho Chi Minh City
Jul. 30 — Applied U-Energy in Our Daily Life seminar
Aug. 3 — U-Energy and Healing workshop



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