Salinda Resort Phu Quoc Island

Saigon from Above

From ground level we get one main perspective on what’s around us — that which is straight ahead, to the side or behind, all on the same plane. Yet ascend a few flights of stairs or take a lift up to the 50th floor, and our perspectives change.


Below us stretches out a landscape that on the street we can only imagine. People become the size of pins, cars form into beetles and motorbikes start behaving like ants in a colony, zooming from one point to another, with little in-between.


This video was created by Jan-Matthieu Donneau and his team from GlobalVision. Filmed using drone helicopters fitted with a Sony NEX7 camera replete with a 16mm, 2.8 lens, in this short piece we can see cityscapes from above. The images he captures are sharp, steady and, thanks to cinematic-style stabilisation, very smooth. They show us the world from a different angle.


For more information on GlobalVision's flycam and Jan, go to or

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