Julie Vola

Julie Vola was born and raised in Marseille, South of France. One fine day she decided to quit her job to travel for three months in Vietnam. She arrived in Hanoi… and as happens all too frequently, never left. Now a staff photographer at Word Vietnam, she has also discovered she can write.

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Ngo Quan

As I come out from my latest shopping spree at Bookworm, I can’t wait to start reading my new book. I decide to make my way to Ngo Quan, a nearby Vietnamese coffee house recommended by a friend.

Pow Pow

Vietnamese youth love their ice cream. Who hasn’t been stuck in a traffic jam on Thanh Nien street, caused by lines of people buying the frozen confection? They love it almost as much as they love Korean culture and K-pop. Pow Pow combines these two loves, and throws in a pinch of America as well.

Recalling Hanoi: Part 11

Landscape is entangled with history and people’s lives. No matter how young we are or what social position we have, we all have stories to tell. The book I am working on, Recalling Hanoi, is my vision of Hanoi, a tapestry weaved out of portraits, people’s stories and the urban landscape that hosts them.

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