Salinda Resort Phu Quoc Island

MAD House


Hideaway restaurants are either the business or a terrible failure. Our undercover reviewer checked out District 2’s MAD House to see which way the wind would blow. Photos by Kyle Phanroy  


Eon 51 Fine Dining

Eon 51 offers an elevated dining experience — quite literally. The restaurant is an expectation-raising 51 floors up in Ho Chi Minh City’s iconic Bitexco Tower, and while getting there isn’t as straightforward as you might think, the reward for navigating the building’s car park, escalators and two changes of lift, is a view that few else can offer. With it comes an obvious sense of occasion. But be warned, expensive views don’t come cheap here.


Tang Tret Cosmo Café

Led by a waiter, we crept up to the second floor through narrow and winding stairs; stairs that revealed a small terrace bordered by greenery, doors and other mysterious pathways. Despite the temptation to sit on the sunlit balcony, we opted to settle down inside, having originally come here to seek shelter from the heat.


Spy Bar

I’ve been to Spy Bar once before. I stumbled in through the heavy iron shutters after all the other bars in the Old Quarter had closed. It was a long, dark hole in the wall, packed to the brim with glassy-eyed revelers, and it reminded me of so many of my favourite dingy dives in New York City.


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