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Yes, that's us! Word Vietnam. And here's our tagline: Everything you need to know about Vietnam and a little bit more. Any comments, drop us a line on [email protected]

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Ten 10: Song Que

Despite being surrounded by Vietnamese eateries, the multiple award-winning Song Que is probably the most successful Vietnamese restaurant in London. Yet it remains very down to earth. Its owners, Luoc and Anh, tell their story. Photo by Nick Ross

Gastro: Food and Beer Pub

There’s a restaurant and pub in town serving, yes, you guessed it, cuisine from the UK. Naturally our mystery diner had to check it out. Here’s the verdict. Photos by Trung Del

Promotion at Angsana Lang Co

Until Dec. 22, Angsana Lang Co is offering a getaway for only VND7 million for 2 night stay at the resort. The price includes daily breakfasts, complimentary airport transfer, a 10% discount on food and drinks, spa and recreational activities and a 10% discount on extended nights (based on the special rate).

Food Stories

We often forget how much work goes into the food that appears on our plate or the drink that fills up our glass. Yet look at the chain of people and events that brings this all to us, and you realise the ubiquity and enormity of today’s food and beverage industry. Look even further and you see the stories behind the food. Everyone’s got an anecdote or a narrative.

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