The Magners International Comedy Festival

Tang Tret Cosmo Café

Led by a waiter, we crept up to the second floor through narrow and winding stairs; stairs that revealed a small terrace bordered by greenery, doors and other mysterious pathways. Despite the temptation to sit on the sunlit balcony, we opted to settle down inside, having originally come here to seek shelter from the heat.


Cakes & Ale

As you walk in Cakes & Ale, you are hit by the 1950s colour palette and Jacques Brel playing over the speakers. Metal fan wind rustles the beaded stork curtain, and a blissed-out dog and cat clack along the tile floors.


Startup Café

As this is our “Favourite Things” issue, I thought that the quaint yet delightful Startup Café should go in here. I’ve been frequenting the Dinh Tien Hoang branch since it was “Startup Coffee”, and I have a strange yet intense attraction to it.


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