Klasik Coffee Roasters

Nestled on the street corner between Mac Thi Buoi and Phan Van Dat, from the streetfront Klasik Coffee Roasters looks simple and modest. Yet walk inside and the space is equipped with classic French-style chairs and tables in harmony with the contemporary décor, all giving a cozy and tranquil ambience. There were a couple of people in the café, mostly working. I settled in a corner and started looking at the drinks list.


Coffee on Tap


Like other coffee shops, Klasik offers a wide range of coffee from basic to house creative blends. But I always love something a little different — the Nitro Cold Brew was outstanding. With its froth on the top, looks-wise it is similar to a dark, German-style beer. Yet that’s where the similarity ends. Made from cold coffee run out from taps that create a thick layer of foam, if you find Vietnamese traditional filtered coffee heavy and thick, this is much fresher, lighter and very, very smooth.


According to the owner Thiep, a cup of Nitro Cold Brew takes a lot of time to prepare. After being roasted and ground, the coarse-ground beans are soaked at room temperature in cold water for over 18 hours. Then the mixture is filtered through a paper coffee filter or cloth to become cold-brew coffee. But to make it look like dark beer with the foamy effect, the extract needs to be infused with nitrogen gas.


Accompanied by an option of four extra flavours including salted caramel, hazelnut, butter rum and spicy cheesecake, this complex drink is priced at VND50,000. “But if you want to have wholesale deals with us, you’re welcome,” said Thiep.


For the Purists


While regular coffee is a blend from various sources, single-origin coffee is coffee that comes from one location. It could be from a single farm or a whole country. Each single-origin coffee has unique flavours formed by its regional water source, soil and weather.


Going with the trend, Klasik is introducing single-origin coffee imported from Asia, Oceania, Africa, South and Central America to satisfy the more fastidious clients.


“For the best taste, it should be used as either espresso or in a drip,” Thiep advised. You can buy one bag of single-origin coffee and try it at home or simply grab a cup starting from VND75,000 at the café and enjoy the moment to the soundtrack of gentle background music.


Not just a Café


If the first floor is mainly for coffee, the second floor is a shared room for coffee and food with the kitchen set up out back. Understanding the nature of coffee, Klasik has designed dishes that not only can fit with the taste of coffee but are also good for your health.


The food menu has a range of options including salad, spaghetti, noodles and burgers. I ordered duck and cucumber salad (VND135,000) and smoked salmon baguette (VND110,000) as I hadn’t had breakfast and my watch was already showing 1pm.


A meal can’t be completed without a dessert, so I indulged in a passion fruit cheesecake (VND40,000). The sourness from the topping blended with the sweetness of the cheese. Adding the bitterness from a sip of coffee, the combination was divine.


Klasik has a distinctive style and sense of creativity; they are clearly working hard to understand their customers’ needs. I’ll definitely be coming back.


Klasik Coffee Roaster is located at 40 Mac Thi Buoi, Q1, HCMC. Visit for more info and promotions

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