The Magners International Comedy Festival

Kate Robinson

Kate Robinson was born in America. She has been finding ways to leave ever since, including brief stints in Scotland (too sunny), France (not enough cheese), and now Vietnam (expensive beer). If necessary, you can make her fall asleep by rubbing her head.

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Thao Vu

One of the few designers in Vietnam to have her clothes sold overseas, the founder of Kilomet 109 mixes the textiles of this country’s ethnic minorities with a modern-day, sustainable approach to fashion. Words by Kate Robinson. Portrait by Julie Vola

The Church

The Church is the sort of place that demands to be seen. No trendy little hole-in-the-wall café is this — it oozes luxury with its shining, full-length glass windows and its dark polished wood furniture, a bubble of refinement in the hubbub of Nha Tho Street. As soon as I saw it, I felt underdressed, but the staff welcomed me with wide, warm smiles.


RESS bar looks like what happens when a group of artists buy a house, chop it in half, and make it into an M.C. Escher painting.


The merging of French and Vietnamese styles is everywhere in O’Douceurs, which has Vietnamese pop music playing quietly in the bckground and a scene of Paris on the wall. But the first thing that draws your eyes when you walk in the door are the pastries, shining row upon decadent row like presents wrapped up in multicoloured paper.

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