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Veil of Separation

We are conditioned to think me and you, us and them. This sets ourselves apart so much that sometimes we struggle to see common bonds.

I recently launched an online crowd funding campaign. The lack of support for what I felt was a worthy cause was revelatory. One reason provided for the lack of interest was my distance from potential supporters. Is distance really a factor in this age of technological advance?


Plugged In


The world is easily brought to us via TV, internet and phone, yet our psyche is capable of maintaining an illusion of separateness. The internet has provided a bridge for which to cross geographic and cultural boundaries, however, the sense of ‘otherness’ still has a firm foothold in our society.


Distance is not to blame for our lack of connectedness. There is a deeper issue at the core. Says Jack Kornfield: “When we get too caught up in the busyness of the world, we lose connection with one another — and ourselves.”


Many people feel a sense of disconnection from themselves, their body, their emotions, their purpose. Consequently, connecting with others can be a challenge. We are often so ‘plugged in’ to the distractions of our external environment, that we spend very little time exploring our inner world, connecting to the essence of who we are.


I am the Walrus


Paradoxically, the more we we sit with ourselves to uncover who we are, we ultimately come to the understanding that we are One with the world around us, that there is no separation. As The Beatles sang, “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.”


It seems that the Beatles were familiar with the Universal Law of One, which states that every soul is connected at the level of the collective unconscious. What this implies is, says Pat Benage, is that “whatever I do to or for anyone, I do to or for myself and whatever I do to or for myself, I do to or for everyone else!”


Lifting the Veil


To ask a philosophical question, in the big picture, what is it we’re doing? It is said that every soul’s purpose is to realise its connection to Source and that it is in fact of Source. When the soul realises this, it makes its journey back to Source. Along the path each soul is presented with lessons that teach them that which they need to learn.


We’re all learning different lessons, but our destination is the same. Our actions along the way steer our direction. As we help others on their path, we help ourselves — our empathy and compassion grows. Our sense of connection grows and the veil of separation drops as we see our common bonds.


Karen Gay, A-Roaming Bodyworker, is a holistic health practitioner practicing in Hanoi. For information on the types of services provided, visit

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