Salinda Resort Phu Quoc Island

Sick-Day Recipes

Honey and lemon with a dram of whiskey; camomile tea; home made cough remedies. The list of western DIY cures goes on. But what happens when you’re sick in Vietnam? Vu Ha Kim Vy and Huyen Tran come up with eight recipes to keep you in good health. Photos by Julie Vola and Francis Xavier.


Bin Laden Cafe

Photo by Julie Vola. Bin Laden Café. Only in Hanoi…


Opened just two months ago, we couldn’t resist when we heard there was a new café in town named after the late Osama.


One Year Visas for US Citizens

  • Published in Hanoi

Vietnam's authorities are working on a plan to extend tourist visas for US citizens from three months to one year in order to attract more visitors, writes Vietnam News Agency (VNA).

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