Salinda Resort Phu Quoc Island

The Islands off Phu Quoc

While Phu Quoc Island is developing at a breakneck pace, the islands nearby remain untouched. Two of the better known places in Phu Quoc's vicinity are Nam Du and Hon Son.


North of Cua Lo

Cua Lo is one of the most popular holiday spots for people living in and around Hanoi. But just to its north there's an area which is quite spectacular.


The Beaches Around Quy Nhon

Bai Nho Cat Tien. Photo by Nick Ross

Quy Nhon is one of those of cities that time forgot. Six hours south of Danang, it's home to some of the best seafood in the country and unparalleled beaches. Yet few people visit. Here's some reasons to head to the Quy Nhon and the area in its vicinity.


The Rocks of Phu Yen

Sometimes nature creates something which looks like it's from another world. The rocks, the coin-like rocks of Ganh Da Dia are just that. Found in Phu Yen, the province north of Nha Trang, this out-of-the-way spot has gone from obscurity to tourist site in a matter of five years. Yet they remain untouched.


The Wildness of Con Dao

Located in the East Sea close to the province of Ca Mau, Con Dao is the wildest part of Vietnam. A national park protected by the army, this archipelago is home to some of the most unspoilt scenery in Vietnam.


The Paradise of Ninh Thuan

Lying in between Nha Trang and Mui Ne, Ninh Thuan is one of those provinces that people seem to miss. Yet, home to the largest population of Cham in Vietnam, its natural beauty is astounding. We head to the coastal area around Nui Chua National Park, home to one one of Vietnam's top resorts - Amanoi.


Undiscovered Binh Thuan

Over the past 20 years, Mui Ne has become the closest big-resort location to Ho Chi Minh City. But in an area where the Vietnamese desert stretches down to the sea, much remains undiscovered, and in many areas, life remains unchanged.

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