• Taking The Bait

    The fishing joints in Saigon are a disappointment, right? As Mark Allan discovers, come prepared and they’re anything but. Read More
  • In Thailand with Holga

    Julie Vola voyaged to The Land of Smiles with her Holga, a Hong Kong-built plastic camera that looks like a toy. Read More
  • The Rescue Station

    Two hours from central Ho Chi Minh City is a project designed to rescue and rehabilitate animals in danger. This is just the start of the work being done to give Vietnam's biodiversity a future Read More
  • The Preserve: Cuc Phuong National Park

    The first national park in the country, Cuc Phuong also has Vietnam’s most advanced animal rescue and conservation centres Read More
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What's On

  • Lighting Up Saigon +

    Nothing transforms a room quite like great lighting, and for Saigon's aspiring interior designers, a big opportunity is right around

    Read More
  • Summer Renaissance +

    VinSpace has a couple options to enrich your child’s summer, mixing in art, communication and general creativity in an outstanding

    Read More
  • Piknic Electronik Returns +

    After three years of becoming Hanoi’s favourite electronic music purveyor and weekly outdoor event, Piknic Electronik is back with new

    Read More
  • We Got Chills +

    Rockstore isn’t so keen on the summer heat. So, for one night only, they’re throwing caution to the wind — plus

    Read More
  • Run, Hanoi, Run! +

    The Spanish festival of San Fermin might be a ten-day religious holiday that follows time-honoured traditions of medieval kings and

    Read More
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  • Cats of the Month: ‘The Troubles’ +

    Cat of the month: Rocky and Nike

    You already know about ‘tortitude’, that temperament unique to tortoiseshell-coloured cats that makes them scamper around the house at the

    Read More
  • The Anti-Café +

    An innovative café and events space opens in Hanoi

    Read More
  • Charity of the Month: Allambie Orphanage +

    “My full name is Suzanne Thi Hien Hook,” says Suzanne, Allambie’s founder. “And I’m an orphan from the [American] War.

    Read More
  • Songs, Surf and Whisky Slaps +

    On the trail of inspiration in Batangas, Philippines. Photos by Florence Bacin, Carrie Binder and Melinh Rozen

    Read More
  • The Marathon +

    The Danish Ambassador, John Nielsen,  on an early morning run in Hanoi.  Photo by Julie Vola

    It is unusual for a marathon to have the support of the diplomatic community, let alone to have a diplomat

    Read More
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  • In Thailand with Holga +

    Julie Vola voyaged to The Land of Smiles with her Holga, a Hong Kong-built plastic camera that looks like a

    Read More
  • Photography Tips: The Power of Lines +

    In composition, lines play a great role. They give direction to your photo, create something for your eyes to follow

    Read More
  • Destination Zero: An Lam Saigon River +

    An Lam’s private residences may only be a few short kilometres from the non-stop rough and tumble of central Ho

    Read More
  • Photography Tips: What Goes Through My Head +

    After teaching photography for a number of years, I have begun to find educational material to be all the same

    Read More
  • When in Sri Lanka… +

    One of the few destinations in the region that has a little something for everyone, Sri Lanka is more than

    Read More
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Just In

  • Happy Family with Local Treasures +

    For sustainable shoppers in Vietnam that are dedicated to making their purchases count toward the greater good, there’s good news

    Read More
  • The Real Thing in the Kitchen +

    From the culinary collaboration between Australian chef Tracey Lister — owner of Hanoi Cooking Centre — and researcher and writer Andreas Pohl

    Read More
  • The Return of The Palace +

    Once located on Xuan Dieu with vegetarian restaurant Dakshin located on its top floor, after a hiatus India Palace has

    Read More
  • R&R Goes to the Waterfront +

    Another of the new eating and dining spots to emerge on the Tay Ho strip running from Warehouse down past

    Read More
  • Goldmalt Brewery Jumps the River +

    Goldmalt Brewery has already established itself as the premiere local microbrewery chain in Hanoi, with several locations open in the

    Read More
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  • The Sky is Not Falling +

    It’s no secret I love a good international day, especially the lesser known ones that don’t come with their own

    Read More
  • HCMC Coffee Cup: Tegu Coffee +

    It’s late Thursday afternoon, and in the middle of a typical Saigon downpour a reporter pulls into an alley in

    Read More
  • Feet First +

    When it comes to health and fitness, being able to move correctly is integral. Our bodies are designed to move

    Read More
  • World Cup Dollars +

    The World Cup is almost over and as always it has been a fascinating spectacle watching some of the highest

    Read More
  • Novels for Kids +

    This month Bookworm’s Truong takes a look at some of the best children’s novels around

    Read More
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  • July Food Promotions +

    Promotions of the month

    Read More
  • July Food Promos +

    Promotions of the month

    Read More
  • July Travel Promos +

    Promotions of the month

    Read More
  • HCMC June Food Promos +

    Promotions of the month

    Read More
  • Hanoi June Food Promos +

    Promotions of the month

    Read More
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