Photo by Francis Xavier 

Vu Ha Kim Vy speaks to three tattoo artists in Ho Chi Minh City to get an insight into the growth of this increasingly popular art form. Photos by Francis Xavier

Cafes that sell a lot more than just coffee are spreading through Hanoi like wildfire. One caffeine-infused option? Make your own leather goods. Words by Noey Neumark. Photos by Julie Vola

As the Hollywood studios descend on Vietnam to film their latest blockbusters, the independent moviemakers are also on site. R. Gabriel Villalobos talks to Jay Rao, the man behind a new Vietnamese short, Unforgettable

Who says Hanoi is boring? Donna Bramhall certainly doesn’t. Just to make sure, here is her guide to all those things that are making Hanoi into an increasingly creative city. Photos by Teresa Welleans

The Cider Market. Photo by Julie Vola

From craft cider through to producers ramping out the good stuff, thousands of bottles at a go, cider is finally making inroads into the Vietnamese market. Here’s the lowdown. Words by Owen Salisbury and Jesse Meadows

The Circus. Photo by Jesse Meadows 

Hanoi’s got a growing circus community. But it’s not the Big Top we’re talking about here. These are a collection of body and mind practices called the flow arts. Words and photos by Jesse Meadows

Khanh And Phien. Photo by Nick Ross 

It’s often in the most unexpected places that you find love. One manufacturer in Vietnam, the Binh Duong-based Saigon River Factory, has seen this first-hand, with a number of their staff getting married after meeting on the factory floor. Words by Vu Ha Kim Vy. Photos by Nick Ross

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