• Tech Savvy Monks

    Smartphones, selfies and wifi. Monks in Siem Reap are moving into the modern world. Read More
  • A Roaring Trade

    How does a company go from being small to becoming medium or even large? Three business owners in Vietnam tell their story. Read More
  • Apocalaughs Now

    A big big comedy show is hitting Saigon on Tuesday 19th. Apocalaughs Now returns with its best line up yet. Read More
  • Vo Trong Nghia: Building a World for Trees

    Buildings with trees growing out of them? Here's an interview with Vietnam's top architect. He likes his trees... Read More
  • The Guvnor

    From boat person to dignitary. Australia has just appointed their first Asian to represent Queen Elisabeth II in Western Australia. Read More
  • Music: All That Jazz

    Although its 1930s halcyon days are a distant past, a jazz scene is returning to Hanoi, with both students and professionals playing the sounds of Dixieland. Read More
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What's On

  • SAIGON O HIGH : Live Electronic Music & Visual Art event +

    Saigon O High proudly presents an evening of electronic music and live visual performance this Saturday, August 23, at Cargo

    Read More
  • Everyone’s a DJ presents: Electric Kicks vs O Dau? +

    This Friday August 22 prepare for some down and dirty music that will leave you hot, sweaty but wanting more.

    Read More
  • Heart Beat #9 is coming this September 5th @ Cargo Bar +

    Mark That Calendar and Do Not Miss. Goethe & Heart Beat are proud to introduce the German producer Schlepp Geist,

    Read More
  • An Phu Fun Bike Ride +

    The Bike Shop in Thao Dien are holding their monthly bike ride on the evening on Friday Aug. 22, the

    Read More
  • Apocalaughs Now +

    Apocalaughs Now August 2014

    In an attempt to bring you the best in alternative stand-up, the team behind Apocalaughs Now has scoured the 25

    Read More
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  • Cat of the Month: Maru +

    Named in homage to the famous Japanese YouTube celebrity cat Maru’s adventures in tight places, this Maru came to ARC

    Read More
  • A Party to Remember +

    In a country with such a short contemporary history, 20 years is a long time. A very long time.

    Read More
  • Made for Mondays +

    Monday Night Football is a whole new ball game in Vietnam. Photo by Kyle Phanroy

    Read More
  • Word Readership Survey +


    Over the years we’ve always asked for you, the reader’s, feedback. This gives you a chance to tell us about

    Read More
  • Reconstructing the City +

    The pending metro line makes an imprint in Saigon. Photo by Francis Xavier

    Read More
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  • The Mountain Valley +

    On a spontaneous day trip with her sister in tow, Karen Hewell arrives in Thung Nai Valley to find a

    Read More
  • Banh Mi in DC +

    Once at odds with Vietnam, Katie Jacobs heads to the American capital to savour some of this country’s best-known cuisine

    Read More
  • Destination Zero: Ana Mandara Villas Dalat +

    You can usually judge a place on the quality of its bathrobes. Your average city hotel trafficks in waffle-weaved cotton,

    Read More
  • In Thailand with Holga +

    Julie Vola voyaged to The Land of Smiles with her Holga, a Hong Kong-built plastic camera that looks like a

    Read More
  • Photography Tips: The Power of Lines +

    In composition, lines play a great role. They give direction to your photo, create something for your eyes to follow

    Read More
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Shellfish at Opera

Park Hyatt's Shellfish Menu

The Opera restaurant at Park Hyatt Saigon will launch an exciting shellfish menu prepared by Chef Michele Gulizzi between Jun. 12 and Jun. 28.


Featuring authentic dishes like Italian Breaded Baked Clams, Oysters, Mussels, Scallops and Cheese Lobster steamed over Spinach, prices range from US$12+ to US$32++.


For more information or to make reservations call 3520 2357.


Opera Restaurant, Park Hyatt Saigon, 2 Lam Son Square, Q1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Just In

  • Eden Bar +

    Set outdoors down Ngo 264, Au Co and close to the Tay Ho end of the Red River, Eden is

    Read More
  • The Invasion Has Started +

    And no, we’re not talking an alien invasion here, although rewind a decade or so and just the very concept

    Read More
  • Hand-Pulled Noodles +

    With all the good Chinese food we have in Ho Chi Minh City, it’s a wonder Tam Hao is our

    Read More
  • VIVA Tapas Bar & Grill +

    District 7 now has one more good tapas option, to make up for the quality seafood option it replaced. VIVA

    Read More
  • Happy Family with Local Treasures +

    For sustainable shoppers in Vietnam that are dedicated to making their purchases count toward the greater good, there’s good news

    Read More
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  • Defining Words +

    Not long after we realise that we exist, we become preoccupied with the meaning that carries. Every existence has meaning,

    Read More
  • A Paper Anniversary +

    Keen readers will note this month marks the first anniversary of this column. And like a newborn in her first

    Read More
  • Communication +

    Profitability, business strategy and the all-important bottom line are critical to making an organisation successful, but a large proportion of

    Read More
  • HCMC Coffee Cup: M2C +

    Stepping into M2C, 'Modern Meets Culture’, you might be surprised by the collision of trendsetter aesthetics.

    Read More
  • Calories vs. Chemicals +

    The calorie myth is a hard one to kill. Calories are not the most important issue when striving for effortless

    Read More
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  • HCMC August Food Promos +

    Food Promotions in Ho Chi Minh this August...

    Read More
  • Hanoi August Food Promotions +

    Food promotions in Hanoi this August...

    Read More
  • July Food Promotions +

    Promotions of the month

    Read More
  • July Food Promos +

    Promotions of the month

    Read More
  • July Travel Promos +

    Promotions of the month

    Read More
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