In this month’s Street Snacker, Huyen Tran explores the season’s longing for dumplings. Photos by David Harris

The perfect dish for the Hanoi Autumn, mien tron or mixed glass noodles is more complex than you may think. Words by Huyen Tran. Photos by David Harris

Papaya salad with dried beef anyone? Huyen Tran goes in search of this most traditional of dishes. Just don’t call it a salad. Photos by David Harris

A variation on the noble pho, pho ga tron is popular with Hanoians in the summer months. Words by Huyen Tran. Photos by David Harris

Huyen Tran checks out the only eatery in the capital selling authentic Thai-style sweet soup. Photos by Teresa Welleans

Champa, the empire formerly covering Central Vietnam, is long gone. But the Cham people aren’t. In search of Cham cuisine, Ed Weinberg heads to a village outside of Phan Rang and samples 12 courses of the real thing

There are many places to eat banh cuon in the capital. But one eatery does this dish just that little bit differently to make it stand out from the crowd. Words by Huyen Tran. Photos by David Harris

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