You’ll find many odds and ends strewn around The Sidewalk that seem as though they’ve drifted in from the adjacent highway. Then, you realise that everything — from the fluorescent traffic cones to the hubcaps — was placed with intention. Old soda bottles, house plants and flowers along the fences and cement walls; tyres hang in strategic patterns behind the reclaimed wood stage; and light bulbs within abandoned helmets illuminate the long bar.

If you’re looking for that elegant yet cozy cocktail bar to slip away from the chaos and roughness that is Saigon at just about any hour of the night, it’s time you get your patooties over to Last Call.

The Unicorn Bar in Hanoi

Like other loyal customers, I was devastated by the loss of the Mojito Bar — a cocktail establishment that burst onto the scene last year and enlivened the streets behind Hang Ga Mall. But, from the ashes rises the unicorn, The Unicorn Pub, to be exact, the latest venture spearheaded by well-known Hanoi mixologist Pham Tien Tiep. 

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