This month Truong at Bookworm takes on that age-old issue of the birds and the bees. Here are some books to help you give your kids that education that they so desperately need

This month Truong at Bookworm channels your inner Sporty Spice with reading recommendations from three sports enthusiasts living in Hanoi

This month Truong at Bookworm dedicates his column to work — both artistic and literary — on Napoleon

This month Truong at Bookworm looks at books and comic strips that have successfully brought philosophical ideas to their readers

After a lot of subtle hints from fans of romance novels, Bookworm’s Truong has invited Marie, a prolific reader of that genre, to provide a few romantic pointers

Bookworm’s owner/manager Truong says that The Year of the Goat will have two definite contenders at the top of the ‘bestseller’ list. Both are by octogenarian authors who haven’t published in years

This month, Bookworm’s Truong and some of Bookworm’s avid young adult readers look at four new releases that will probably be hot property in 2015

This month, Bookworm’s Truong recaps the book group’s latest reads on cities

It’s that time of the year when bookshops present a few of their extra special books to the public gaze.

This month Bookworm’s Truong does an informal census of some young readers’ favourite books

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